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We have had the privilege to travel the earth to extraordinary places and experience life altering moments. Not everyone has the opportunity to Leave Home and share in these amazing journeys, so we’d like to help. We are going to offer selected trips to those who, have been unable to travel. Maybe you’ve dreamed of travelling but because of life circumstances have not been able to or that your mission in life is to reach each corner of the Earth. Whatever it may be, share it with us.

Contest Details

All you have to do is upload a video to Youtube telling us why you would like to Leave home and become an Earth Traveller. Then post your link above to submit it into the contest.

Not able to upload a video to Youtube? Written submissions of 250 words are also accepted. Please use the form below to submit. The winner of the contest gets a FREE TRIP to one of our amazing destinations.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to Leave home!


Contest begins January 1st!

Details: Must be 18 or older. If younger you must be accompanied by an adult

Includes: All Food, Accommodation, Guides, Equipment and Activities

Flights not included


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